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Talent Thailand Platform

วันที่เผยแพร่ 9 June 2021

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Talent Thailand is a platform containing a database of Thai and international experts with function to perform data analysis and data distribution to organizations involved in talent development. It will serve as a hub to match talent demand and supply, offering convenience to users to find the right man for the job at their fingertips. At its initial phase, the platform will contain a pool of experts in ten target industries – 1) bioenergy & biochemicals industry, 2) digital industry, 3) medical hub, 4) robotics industry, 5) aviation & logistics industry, 6) agriculture & biotechnology industry, 7) food for the future, 8) future mobility industry, 9) intelligent electronics industry and 10) high wealth & medical tourism industry –  as well as frontier research such as quantum computing, space technology, high energy physics, as well as music and art. 

Talent Thailand is an initiative of The National Reform Committee on Culture, Sports, Labor and Human Resource Development. The platform is being developed and expected to be launched soon by the working group of which NXPO is a member.