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INNOVATION-DRIVEN ENTERPRISES INVESTMENT IN THAILAND AND POLICY RECOMMENDATIONSThailand 4.0 - representing the transformation to an innovation-driven economy - sets the vision for Thailand to achieve stability, prosperity, and sustainability and become a developed country by applying the principle of sufficiency economy philosophy. To make this change happen, reforming and enhancing of research and... Read More »
REINVENTING THAILAND’S HIGHER EDUCATIONDriven by megatrends which include the pandemic, climate change, technological progress and social change, transformation in higher education is necessary in order to ensure that the system meets the needs of society and the economy, enabling Thailand to overcome global and local challenges. Contrary to the older concepts,... Read More »
HIGHER EDUCATION, SCIENCE, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT: FROM PANDEMIC RECOVERY TO SUSTAINABILITYThe world today is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges in multiple fronts ranging from climate change and environmental degradation to social disparity and technological disruption. These challenges make a big impact to both the economy and society. Technology and innovation can offer solutions to mitigate... Read More »
Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Strategic Direction for Post-COVID-19 RecoveryThe COVID-19 pandemic has revealed Thailand’s multiple vulnerabilities, including imbalanced development stemming from prioritizing economic growth over societal and environmental objective; dependency on foreign tourism revenue, healthcare and technology; and the lack of support for a local economy leading to social... Read More »