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NXPO Board Chairman suggests strengthening tourism with circular economy

วันที่เผยแพร่ 30 June 2021

NXPO Executive meeting was held on 25 June 2021 with the agenda focusing on circular economy (CE). NXPO President Dr. Kitipong Promwong presented the roadmap and implementation plan to develop an integrated ecosystem for CE. The roadmap aims to reduce resource consumption by 1/4, cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 5 million tons of CO2 and make a 1-3% contribution to the GDP by 2030. The country also sets to become, by 2030, a CE service hub of ASEAN in the areas of laboratory, standards and recycling, with its own CE champion products dominating the global supply chain. In addition, a CE Innovation Policy Forum has been established as a platform for players in the society and industry to share viewpoint, barriers and solutions to drive CE transformation in Thailand. 

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The board expressed their support to the proposed roadmap and plan. Prof. Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) and Board Chairman suggested tourism and big-impact social movements such as reforestation and organic lifestyle as the additional areas of focus on the CE plan. 

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