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Top 10 jobs of the future and workforce development strategy 

วันที่เผยแพร่ 26 April 2024

In a rapidly evolving world driven by technology disruption, digital transformation, societal shifts, and the rise of gig and platform economies, the employment landscape has undergone a significant reshaping. Emerging as top jobs of the future are: AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Sustainability Specialists, Business Intelligence Analysts, Information Security Analysts, FinTech Engineers, Data Analysts and Scientists, Robotics Engineers, Big Data Specialists, Agricultural Equipment Operators, and Digital Transformation Specialists. 

To navigate these transformative changes in the labor market and ensure workforce competitiveness on the global stage, Thailand must recalibrate its human resource development strategy. In response, NXPO has introduced strategic policies and initiatives aimed at developing high-skilled labor to meet industry demands. Key initiatives include STEMPlus and the Higher Education Sandbox. STEMPlus is a platform fostering collaboration in workforce development, education, and research by connecting stakeholders in the industry, academia, and government. It offers a comprehensive array of resources, including short course listings, and the certification of training courses and STEM employment to support the government’s talent development incentives offered to enterprises. The Higher Education Sandbox program empowers universities to pioneer new courses tailored to produce graduates equipped with the skills and competencies demanded by target industries. 

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