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NXPO and KMUTT KX unveil STEM One-Stop Service Platform 

วันที่เผยแพร่ 13 October 2022

NXPO, in collaboration with KMUTT Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center (KX), recently organized an event launching STEM One-Stop Service (STEM OSS). The launch took place at X-CITE Space, KX Building and was broadcast virtually.

In his remarks, NXPO Assistant to the President Dr. Poolsak Koseeyaporn stated the origin of STEM OSS. Recent changes taking place in Thailand and around the world, ranging from trade war to the pandemic, have greatly disrupted global supply chain and value chain and impacted foreign investment in Thailand. To deal with these threats, Thailand needs to make an adjustment on the economic development strategy, especially in the area of workforce which becomes the main deciding factor in the investment and the relocation of manufacturing base.

STEM OSS is a platform originated from the collaboration among five key agencies – the Office of Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, the Board of Investment (BOI), the Council of Engineering Deans of Thailand, the Council of Science Dean of Thailand and NXPO – to set the direction of manpower production and development to meet the needs of industry and establish a mechanism to connect and match workforce supply and demand in term of quantity and quality. STEM OSS therefore aims to drive the economic development by accelerating investment in high-tech industries and attracting more foreign investment. 

Dr. Poolsak further revealed that tax incentives have been introduced to bolster Thailand’s high-skilled workforce, including tax deduction for expenses spent on certified training courses and hiring employees with advanced STEM knowledge. STEM OSS platform facilitates the incentive program by supporting the certification process for training courses, training centers and STEM employments. So far, trhe program has certified 472 STEM courses which have serviced a total of 15,388 participants. In addition, a total of 894 STEM employments have been certified. 

To improve efficiency of workforce development, KX has introduced the Progress Report on Generic Skills (PROG), an assessment tool developed in Japan to measure soft skills. The test provides assessment on interpersonal skills, basic skills and problem-solving skills. PROG will help companies with recruitment process and decision making, as well as employee’s individual development plan. Since the start of PROG, the tool has facilitated the recruitment of 19 job positions – one job in science, five in technology, twelve in engineering and one in mathematics.

Mr. Wannaphop Klomklieng, KX Chief Operating Officer and Head of STEM OSS Coordinating Center, introduced a range of services provided by STEM OSS to serve enterprises, college students and general public. Companies can post job openings, look up certified training courses and apply for STEM employment certification, whereas students and interested individual can post their CVs, respond to job advertisements, search for certified training courses, and take skill assessment for future industries. STEM OSS platform will coordinate the matching and recruitment of high skill jobs, facilitate workforce development through certified training courses, and promote the establishment of Industrial Training Center (ITC).

BOI Deputy Secretary General Ms. Sonklin Ploymee talked about BOI investment promotion measures that are linked to STEM OSS, including the tax exemption for businesses engaging in R&D, training and internship in STEM and high-tech, as well as activities in education, vocational training and innovation incubation. 

STEM OSS platform can be accessed from https://stemplus.or.th/.